What Bobbi said about sessions with Lynne

I am so grateful for my VIP experience with Lynne. She used her wide array of talents to move me forward in my physical and emotional healing. The Body scan brought me insights on areas of my body that want/need attention. She also offered probable solutions to what she observed. She balanced my hormones and brain chemistry. We spent most of our time together on my two most complex issues: the effects of my father's alcoholism, sexual abuse and my resulting food addiction. I have been released from an internal prison of thoughts and obsessions. I am emotionally feeling remarkably lighter- my need for love from my father disappeared. Consuming shame released. I am open to all that is available to me- infinite possibilities. I look forward to seeing the effects of her healing unfold in the weeks and months ahead.  Thank-you Lynne for sharing your talents, validating my efforts and launching me forward in healing! 

Gratefully, Bobbi 💖

Thank you Lynne! It was incredible getting the opportunity to experience your mastery when you led us in your meditation. It was magical! 💜

Much love, Kristy

I took my first ThetaHealing Class with Lynne and to say it made a profound impact is an understatement. I had a healing occur I had been praying for, for over a year. She guided us in such a deep loving way, I could literally feel my connection with the God's Loving energy. Being a chiropractor I appreciate intelligent, compassionate, and knowledgeable instructors, Healers, and individuals. Lynne is all that and so much more. She is tapped in with the Divine on a powerful, yet humble level. I have taken several of her classes and each one I experience life changing experiences with my health, my children, my life situations and am able find deep peace and answers that I have been searching for. 

Dr. Angie Cross, DC 

This had been wonderful, thank you so much. <3

K. K.       Clarity for the Soul Retreat

Your presence here has been a true blessing to me. Thank you so much.

Jan         Clarity for the Soul Retreat

You all have been so incredible. Thank you, Lynne so much. This event has been my definition of what Blessings mean to me. I found the Greatness (presentation) as being most helpful! I like it the most because it is a topic that's challenging for me as you’re saying.

S.T.        Clarity for the Soul Retreat

You have the lived experience and spiritual depth and emotional richness to offer that to a huge number of people. It is amazing to see how far you've come in your clarity, and it is always inspiring to see the emotional range which is available to you.

- Ed

I wanted to let you know that I am still working through digging deep to find out why I attract portals/fallen and I have gotten really aware of when they become attached to me so I can clear them fairly quickly. I believe further awareness may give clues to my thought patterns around those times also. Another thing I wanted to mention was that a close friend mention that I am lighter since I took the training! I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Joy, love and peace, Staci


Lynne, thank you so much for the healing you offered me yesterday. There has been a dramatic shift in my energy today and I that your healing had a lot to do with that.

Hugs and kisses, Kate L 7/20

Thank you for yesterday's Retreat. The whole day was awesome and enriching - with special sharing and bonding with the other women. The Theta sessions, included mine provided great clearing of those ever present negative energy "clouds" over my aura. I got home relaxed and unbothered by you know who. This morning I was able to choose priorities calmly and objectively, experiencing happy absence of my usual hurry hurry-up button which is a usually a trigger for arriving at church frazzled, breathless and anxious. As the day had progressed, I am calm, choosing and selecting from a peaceful center, rather than an "I'm behind" so have to catch- up lacking center.- planning my week from that place. Once again, you did an excellent job.

- Pauline Dawkins

Theta Healing with Dr. Lynne Cockrum was not what I had expected. Because I had heard of theta waves in relation to meditations, I assumed she would play music to induce the slower brainwaves. There was no judging, no guilt, just a pure flow of positivity allowing shifts to come physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Looking back I recognized that she did slow our brain waves with words, intention, love for us, and her skills to create the atmosphere for healing. Major shifts happened for me even if I didn’t exactly need what Dr. Lynne had set up specifically for another participant or small group. I was ready and shifts came that I desired. Now I want to be trained in Theta Healing!

- Patti (May 2019)