Where are you at emotionally, physically, spiritually?

We all have our ups and downs in each of these areas. You might feel #stuck for short periods or even long periods. I believe we are meant to move forward, to grow and bring more and more of our higher self into our lives.

Any time you are not happy with your state of being, ask for help. #Ask the universe, ask God, ask your friends.

One way I do it is to ask that I be given another teacher, guide, or #master of the highest light to help me through this time. They usually arrive almost immediately and only stay until the need is met.

I'm sure you have heard "ask and we shall receive". I am available too. You can contact me through the contact page on this website and we can schedule an #energy healing or counseling session for you. You can email me at

Take care and trust, everything is in #divine right order. The universe sees and hears you and will provide. Lynne

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