Sacred Spirit Podcast


Erin of Purple Lotus Productions puts on the Embrace Your Journey expos in Phoenix AZ multiple times each year - bringing together, speakers, intuitives, and healers for the public.

Catherine Carrigan, a multifaceted successful author, healer, yoga teacher and medical intuitive shares how she tunes in and helps her clients. She explains the importance of knowing at a soul level that the universe is friendly. She talked about the importance of a daily spiritual practice and her daily spiritual practice with a focus on the value of the Lords Prayer and the loving kindness prayer. You will find her books and more at her website

Doug Murphy has worked with programs to help women in abusive or dangerous situation. He not only offer statistics showing the number of women and men who report abuse, he talked about types of abuse. We discussed the common defense of the circumstances, "but I love him." The hope lies in preparedness, bravery, friends, action and resources such as shelters and churches.

Bobbi talks about her adventures and her love of living as a nomad.

Dr. Lynne interviews Maggie, who is a fascinating gifted healer, teacher, and tarot card reader.

K.Lee talked about his work with spiritual entrepreneurs. He explained his unique application of his spirituality into his work. He shared from a very authentic and vulnerable space about Bhakti and attachment science. It was a deep uplifting conversation.

Polly Wirum is an amazing psychic - always able to tune in and bring a wealth of information to each person she is reading. We discussed how she helps people transform their lives and find their purpose. She demonstrated by giving a reading for Lynne.

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy interviews Lindsay Godfree who specializes in communicating with angels brings listeners energy, blessings and a message. You will hear and receive the message for the year 2021 in today's interview. You can contact Lindsay at where she posts Angel Oracle Messages.

NDE TV Host Pegi Robinson Presents Lynne Cockrum Murphey who was burned in her baby bed during a house fire and had a Near Death Experience.