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  • A Journey with Matityahu: Book 2 Living God Consciousness

    Daniyyel, now a married man, all of twenty years of age, heads out on another life changing journey with his longtime friend, Matityahu. Like in their previous adventure Daniyyel is well aware of Matityahu’s healing gifts. Now that Daniyyel has tried to practice living in awareness and compassion as Matityahu has always displayed, Daniyyel finds he too can help his animals and himself as a healer. Matityahu reveals they have been invited to meet with the Essenes, a rather isolated Jewish sect who preserve and disseminate sacred knowledge. The Essene elders invite Daniyyel to stay and study with them. His wife, Simone encourages Daniyyel to engage in this important quest and expedition. She stays home, her hands full, since her grieving brother has come to live with them as he heals from his deep losses. Matityahu and Daniyyel’s humble journey of service to those in need, illustrates a path every mindful person might welcome. Daniyyel grows and like Matityahu lives God consciousness.

  • Two young men leave their families and homes to walk the dusty roads of ancient times with hopes of excitement and adventure. An ordinary nineteen-year-old man, Daniyyel, observes miraculous moments in his friend Matityahu’s life and wonders what gift his friend has. Daniyyel wants awareness and miracles in his own life like Matityahu's. Amongst the many unexpected events, from hard physical labor to saving lives after a natural disaster, is the effect of a beautiful, strong, intelligent, young woman on Daniyyel. He has never met such an intriguing and mesmerizing woman in his short life.  Although we don’t see Daniyyel, aspire to become a healer, he does value the gentleness and kindness that his friend, Matityahu displays. During their travels from city to farm to village and on, many unusual, synchronistic events occur. Surviving tragedy, meeting new people daily, Daniyyel is changed. After studying Matityahu’s spiritual practices and suggestions, we see Daniyyel’s growth from traditional religious thinking to an awakening of his own spiritual nature. The journey portrays passage to new found Oneness, an illustration of possibility accessible to everyone today.

    Also available for listening as an audiobook!

  • Unfolding the Mystery of Self

    As the illusion of the material world melts, communion with angels, ancestors, teachers and masters becomes common place when Lynne Cockrum-Murphy shows we are all guided throughout our lives. This awareness and self-realization is available to anyone who seeks. Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We Are Never Alone is a descriptive illustration of the author's development of her spiritual path, intuitive awareness and deep inner peace. In an easy-to-read style, this book illuminates transition from her early life traumas and discouragement to gracious awareness of All That Is. Sharing wisdom from spiritual teachers and insights from mystical experiences, the possibilities beyond our physical lives become real.

  • Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind

    A short but powerful true story of loss, starting with a house fire that killed Lynne Cockrum-Murphy’s sisters and father and left her badly burned when she was just 30 months old, and follows the life that grew out of that tragedy. Instead of giving in to a family history of dysfunction she writes about dealing with loss, family alcoholism and chaos, an eating disorder and shows that there is a way to move beyond the events of the past. Interwoven in the story are actions, steps, tools and even a reading and movie list to help you move forward into a life filled with spirituality, meaning and purpose. The story is a model of hope, action and success.

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